This statement is provided with the intention to comply with your right to be informed under the General Data Protection Regulation.  We have also considered your rights under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations.


What we collect and use


Why we collect this personal information and how we use it

We will process your information with legitimate business interests

We do not use your personal data to make automated decisions or for profiling.


Who we share it with


How long do we keep your personal data

Your personal data will be kept until you request that we no longer provide you with our products or services and information or details and for a further period thereafter of 6 years. We are required to retain some personal data under various legislations for specific periods. After which time it will be destroyed from our databases.


How we secure your personal data

We have internal controls and security measures to ensure your information is protected. Access to your personal data is only available to those employees who need to access it. Internet security, encryption and firewalls are used to keep data secure. Third parties only get access to information provide and used as guided by our instruction.


Requesting access to your personal data

GDPR legislation gives you the right to request copies of information we hold about you and/or to correct any personal information which is incorrect.

You can contact us directly to request any information or any changes.


Further info

If you wish to discuss anything in relation to this privacy notice please contact us.

If you are not satisfied with how we use your data in accordance with the law you can contact the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).