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Forklifts Bolton: Hire, Sales and Services

When it comes to forklifts in Bolton you can depend on us. Whether you’re looking for forklift hire, purchase, or maintenance – TAG can provide the best and most cost competitive solution.

Hire a Bolton Forklift with Tag

Based just 11 miles south of Bolton our head office and depot in Trafford Park is within easy reach. We are regularly in the area and we serve many customers in and around Bolton. Our forklift hire fleet is checked and ready to go and we can usually deliver to your business in the same day. In addition you can select from our wide range of used forklifts. With our own dedicated transport, whether you are looking to hire or buy we can deliver a forklift to Bolton in under an hour.

Bolton Forklift Servicing & Maintenance

Supplying great equipment is only the beginning. First class aftercare and support on all our material handling equipment is core to our business. We have our own team of expert forklift engineers local to Bolton. We will ensure your equipment is running efficiently all year round.

Get in touch to request a free consultation and on-site survey or just call us for a chat on 0161 848 0555, We will be delighted to advise you on the most suitable equipment/solution for you.

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