We have a range of forklift tyres to suit your application.

Our professional team can help you choose the right tyre; whether its budget, performance, economy or a combination of these properties.

In the past forklifts were simple machines and choosing tyres was easy. Today’s forklifts are more advanced and complex.

They can lift larger loads, travel at higher speeds and cover greater distances. In response the market has developed a sophisticated range of specialist tyres.

Pneumatic Forklift  Tyres

Pneumatic tyre consists of layers of rubberised fabric called plies. These plies extend diagonally in alternating directions across the tyre and build up to form the tyre carcass. The tyre is then secured on the rim by beads made up from bundles of high carbon steel wires. An abrasion resistant rubber tread and sidewalls protect the casing. Finally a rubber inner tube allows for inflation of the tyre to the specified pressure. Pneumatic tyres work best when high speeds and long distances are involved.

Resilient or Solid Forklift Tyres

These tyres offer a flat free solution for material handling equipment. Two-layer resilient tyres are built from an inner heel layer comprised of a hard rubber compound and an outer tread layer made of an abrasion resistant rubber compound for long tyre life. Three-layer resilient tyres include a third middle layer of a softer rubber compound. This layer is added to maximize shock absorption,  mimic the cushioning of a pneumatic and reduce internal tyre temperatures. Resilient tyres minimize downtime due to flat tyres, have considerably more tread rubber and require little to no maintenance.

Press-on Forklift Tyres

Also known as cushion tyres or band tyres Press-On tyres are typically made from a single rubber compound that’s bonded to a steel band. They are pressed on to the machine’s hub using a powerful hydraulic press. They are available in either a smooth tread pattern which are suitable for operating on dry, smooth floors or a traction tread pattern for wet environments or uneven/loose surface conditions. Press-On equipped machines are popular due to their ability to handle higher loads with greater stability compared to a similar sized resilient or pneumatic tyre. 

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