28 Mar 2023

What Are the Advantages of a Multi-Directional Forklift?

Forklift trucks are essential materials handling equipment designed for moving, lifting and loading heavy items. They come in many sizes,... read more

28 Mar 2023

How to Hire a Forklift Truck in Manchester, Step-by-step

If you’re looking into forklift truck hire – Manchester or anywhere in the North West – TAG Forklift Truck Services... read more

28 Mar 2023

Forklift Hire Manchester: Choosing the Right Model

Are you looking for forklift rental near Manchester? If so, it’s important to select a model that is within your... read more

14 Feb 2023

Hyundai vs. Linde Forklifts Compared

If you’re looking to hire or buy a new forklift, it’s important to choose the right model. Opting for reputable... read more

14 Feb 2023

Why Hire a Forklift Instead of Buying One?

Is the purchase and maintenance of heavy machinery one of your biggest business expenses? If so, a great way to... read more

14 Feb 2023

What Are the Different Types of Forklift Trucks?

Are you looking for a forklift to help with your industrial or commercial needs? If so, you may be wondering... read more

7 Nov 2022

What is an articulated forklift?

As a leading independent provider of forklift trucks and material handling equipment since 1994, TAG Forklift Truck Services are proud... read more

5 Oct 2022

Discover Aisle Master Forklift Trucks

At TAG Forklift Trucks, we understand storage space is crucial for many businesses. That’s why we offer the full range... read more

22 Aug 2022

Advantages of Electric Forklift Trucks

Electric powered forklift trucks are fast becoming a favourite for businesses over the past few years. A number of reasons... read more

16 Jul 2021

The NEW Aisle Master-OP (AME-OP)

The NEW Aisle Master-OP (AME-OP) is a stand-on electric powered model that combines the advantages of a narrow aisle articulated... read more

8 Jul 2021

Green power for goods handling!

New electric forklifts from Linde Material Handling reach the performance level of IC trucks More and more companies are turning... read more

5 Mar 2021

TAG Awarded the National Certificate of Accreditation from FLTA

We’re better than the rest… and we can prove it. Lots of people can hire or sell you a fork... read more

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